30 years of transforming communities, campuses & organizations

The National Coalition Building Institute is an international non-profit leadership development network dedicated to the elimination of racism and other forms of oppression.

Rooted in an understanding of individual, community, and systemic change, NCBI leaders work with public and private organizations to further:

  • Cultural competence,
  • Collaboration and partnerships,
  • Effective relationships within and across group identities.

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    April 26-29, 2017

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    Recent News:

    NCBI Annual Campus Conference held at Edinboro University in November 2015 featured sessions on:

    • Black Lives Matter
    • Using NCBI diversity skills to respond to polarizing issues on campus

    NCBI works with the leadership of National Audubon Society and National Association of Environmental Educators to bring NCBI skills of diversity and inclusion to the environment movement.