Where We Are

The work of eliminating prejudice and discrimination does not end with a workshop or training, no matter how outstanding and memorable. An ongoing effort is required, and the support of like-minded people greatly enhances our ability to remain committed and stay active for the long haul.

NCBI Community Chapters, Organizational Affiliates, Campus Affiliates

NCBI has launched chapters in dozens of cities and communities and organizations worldwide. An NCBI chapter is a team of grassroots leaders who represent a broad cross-section of their community. Typical NCBI entities include members from public and private schools, local businesses, law enforcement agencies, religious institutions, community organizations, trade unions, and government offices

NCBI teams meet regularly and become a powerful community resource. They lead prejudice reduction workshops for organizations and at-large groups in their communities, and they intervene with conflict resolution and peacekeeping skills when tough, intergroup conflicts arise. They also offer ongoing, prevention-oriented programs that help communities and organizations to build inclusive environments.

NCBI teams provide an opportunity for community members of all ages and backgrounds to get to know one another and to build enough trust to bridge the isolation between different constituent groups. An NCBI team can offer a model for the rest of the community, showing how human beings can work together across group lines

Below is the current list of NCBI City Chapters. To reach your nearest Chapter click on the appropriate hot link or contact us.