Workshop & Training Schedules

Four-Day Leadership for Diversity Institute

Upcoming Training Dates

Please see the 2017 schedule here

All the 2017 Institutes will be held at Hunt Valley Inn, in Hunt Valley, MD.(BWI airport)


A: Diversity and Inclusion Skills

These skills include:

  • Valuing and welcoming similarities and differences among group members and staff;
  • Examining the misinformation that impacts our behavior toward others;
  • Understanding the role identity plays in leadership;
  • Identifying the harmful effects of oppression on one’s own group;
  • Preventing and interrupting bigoted remarks and behaviors;
  • Learning how to be an ally to all groups.

B: How to Integrate NCBI Principles and Practices into Your Leadership - Participants practice how to implement NCBI skills and practices in their own workplace and community settings. Individual coaching is provided in these skills:

  • Leading effective meetings that include everyone’s voice;
  • Building a team of support for one’s own leadership;
  • Structuring effective, respectful conversations about difference; and
  • Increasing cultural competency.

C: How to Listen to Concerns Underneath Controversial Issues - Participants will learn skills to move hotly contested issues forward and reframe the debate in a way that builds bridges.

D: How to partner with NCBI to build a local community, campus or organizational affiliate to institutionalize the skills.