Violence Prevention Train the Trainer

The Violence Prevention Train-the-Trainer teaches participants the skills needed to lead the NCBI Violence Prevention Workshop. It is appropriate for people of all ages and ideal for youth and schools. Student leadership teams, supported by NCBI-trained faculty, staff, and parents, complete the program with a renewed sense of hope and a picture of their individual significance in changing the school environment and the world around them. See Schools for more information.

The NCBI train-the-trainer model offers these important qualities:

  • Participants meet often in small learning groups where they receive individual coaching and practice in leading major workshop components.
  • The combination of emotional healing work and practical skill training enables participants to learn quickly in a safe environment that values individual initiative.
  • NCBI’s seasoned training teams, representing a wide variety of backgrounds, coupled with the diversity of the participants in the seminar, provide a valuable resource that helps participants better understand and apply the skills.

This Training has no official prerequisite, but attending the one-day Violence Prevention Workshop in advance is suggested.

If interested in leading the NCBI Violence Prevention Workshop, Contact us to arrange for skilled and experienced NCBI leaders to conduct an on-site Train-the-Trainer.