Leadership for Diversity Four Day Institute

The Leadership for Diversity Institute teaches participants the skills necessary for providing influential leadership in ending discrimination, reducing intergroup conflict, and building multi-group coalitions. Key elements of the program are learning skills of the award-winning NCBI Welcoming Diversity / Prejudice Reduction Workshop and the NCBI Controversial Issues Process.

In additional classes, participants are taught how to handle one-on-one conflict when they are a party to it, how to change institutions by taking individual leadership initiative, and how to become effective allies with groups other than their own. In a lively session towards the end of the week, participants have the opportunity to present their own workplace scenarios and receive concrete help from other participants utilizing all the skills from the week of training.

Most of the teaching takes place in large group classes, where participants learn replicable sets of practical, hands-on skills. Much of the learning occurs in small groups where there is an opportunity to try-out these new skills with support and encouragement from others. NCBI’s approach of combining concrete skills development with healing work enables participants to learn quickly in a safe environment. The diversity among participants provides a powerful training experience.

NCBI has built over 100 active leadership teams in cities, on college and university campuses, and in organizations around the world. Those who attend Leadership for Diversity Institutes are eligible and encouraged to join a team in their home communities.

Among those who have attended the Leadership for Diversity Institute and found it rewarding and productive are social workers, teachers, college and university professors and staff, human resource managers, police officers, firefighters, community activists, government employees, labor union members, elected officials, religious leaders, business executives, students, parents, and health care providers. Members of the National Association of Social Workers receive continuing education contact hours. See Certificates and Credits to learn more.

The Leadership for Diversity Institute is typically offered 3 times a year in the Washington, DC, USA area. Consult the 2017 Training Schedule for specific dates and additional information about program logistics, hotel accommodations, local transportation, and on-line or mail-in registration. Contact us with any additional questions.