Controversial Issue Practicum

An appealing belief is that a cooperative society will spontaneously arise after the elimination of prejudice and discrimination. A more realistic view is that competing positions based on firmly-held religious, cultural, and political beliefs, or connected to emotionally-charged experiences, do not easily give way. The NCBI Controversial Issues Process provides a methodology for assisting communities and organizations to constructively deal with contentious issues.

A Practicum uses the Controversial Issues Process to address a specific organizational or community challenge. Listed below are several real-life examples:

  • In response to growing debate over abstinence as the only morally-acceptable means to reduce teen pregnancies, a non-profit organization sponsored Controversial Issues Practica in several U.S. states to generate recommendations for sex education in public schools.
  • A U.S. Health and Social Services agency used a Practicum to explore racism in the workplace. One of many controversial issues was whether its investigative system was adequately staffed and trained to handle grievances involving race.
  • Several members of the U.S. Senate sponsored a Practicum to help draft legislation on transracial adoption, which involved balancing the concern that Black African Heritage children require parents of the same race with the view that a loving family is sufficient regardless of race.

NCBI can be a valuable resource when facing seemingly intractable and highly-charged issues. Skilled and experienced NCBI leaders, using the Controversial Issues Process, can help identify a path forward that has widespread support. Contact us to arrange a Practicum for a specific controversial issue.