Coalition Building Workshop

Coalition building demands some very unique skills: reconciling the “urgent” agendas of different special-interest groups, framing issues broadly enough to bridge the barriers separating groups, and helping groups move beyond the mistrust and rivalry that has often characterized their relationships in the past. These skills need to become part of the training of every community and organizational leader.

The NCBI Coalition Building Workshop is designed to meet this need. Topics covered during the session include the following:

  • Preparing the ground — coalition consciousness and basic trust,
  • Getting started,
  • Choosing realistic positions and finding allies,
  • Developing effective leadership skills,
  • Understanding how a coalition functions,
  • Negotiating and resolving conflicts, and
  • Building unity across ethnic, religious, and class divisions.

This informative and practical workshop is based on The Art of Coalition Building: A Guide for Community Leaders, written by NCBI Executive Director Cherie Brown. Each workshop participant is furnished a copy; others may obtain the manual through the NCBI online Bookstore.