Workshop & Training Descriptions

NCBI workshops and trainings cover leadership development, prejudice reduction, coalition building, conflict resolution, and violence prevention. Refer to the titles below for details on specific programs. The 2017 Leadership for Diversity Schedule provides specific dates and locations. In addition, skilled NCBI leaders are available to conduct on-site programs for communities and organizations.

  • Leadership for Diversity Institute (four days) — Teaches participants an array of valuable leadership skills including controversial issues and welcoming diversity.
  • Welcoming Diversity / Prejudice Reduction Workshop (one day) — Shows how participants have been taught to think and act as members of their racial, gender, and other identity groups and provides skills for bridging differences.
  • Welcoming Diversity Train-the-Trainer (three days) — Teaches participants how to lead the Welcoming Diversity Workshop.
  • Leadership Clinic (one to three days) — Assesses individual and group skills for leading diverse communities and organizations and teaches an array of key leadership and managerial skills.
  • Coalition Building Workshop (one to three days) — Teaches skills for bringing diverse elements of a community or organization together to successfully achieve common goals.
  • Controversial Issues Process (one day) — Demonstrates a method for assisting diverse groups to work together even in tough, emotionally-charged conflicts.
  • Controversial Issue Practicum (one or two days) — Introduces the Controversial Issues Process and uses it to address a challenging issue brought by the sponsoring group.
  • Controversial Issues Train-the-Trainer (three days) — Teaches participants how to lead the Controversial Issue Process.
  • Violence Prevention Workshop (one day) — Teaches skills and increases motivation to address violent or potentially violent situations in a non-violent and thoughtful way.
  • Violence Prevention Train-the-Trainer (two or three days) — Teaches participants how to lead the Violence Prevention Workshop.