What We Offer

For over 20 years, NCBI has offered timely and effective programs to develop and strengthen leadership for a diverse society. Teams of leaders trained by NCBI have become an influential network, international in reach, actively combatting racism and all other forms of prejudice and discrimination.

Consult the Workshop and Training Schedule for information on any of NCBI’s international-level workshops and trainings.

Core NCBI programs are presented in Workshop & Training Descriptions and cover leadership development, prejudice reduction, conflict resolution, coalition building, and violence prevention.

In addition, NCBI has designed programs that address specific communities and organizations, including law enforcement and protective services, corporations, college and university campuses, schools, and government. More information about these sectors is provided in Customized Programs.

Coalition Building Programs covers NCBI’s involvement in current social and political issues of significance, such as religious intolerance, racial disparities in health care, affirmative action, immigration, and same-sex marriage, and the critical need for coalition building skills when addressing any of them.

The listings under Constituency Caucus Programs offer numerous opportunities to infuse the strengths and address the challenges of group identity, including Black African Heritage, Latino, Asian, Jewish, LGBT, Women, and Men, into the work of institutional change.

Organizational Assessments are a neceesary condition for unique program design and successful outcomes.

Certificates of completion awarded by NCBI and continuing education credits issued by national and local organizations in the United States contribute to the professional standing of workshop and training participants. See Certificates & Credits for details.

A key NCBI strategy for sustaining the work of ending prejudice and discrimination is to organize and support local “resource teams.” These are groups of NCBI-trained leaders who are committed not only to the effort but also to supporting one another. The section Where We Are fully describes resource teams.