“Congratulations to you and to NCBI for winning the silver award in the British Diversity Awards. Fighting prejudice is a critical part of building healthy and inclusive communities and I am pleased that NCBI’s valuable and innovative work to tackle racism and other forms of discrimination has been recognized.”

The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, M.P., Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“As you know, we have been working diligently to develop the human relation’s component of our organization to enhance team function, as well as individual awareness of issues associated with diversity. We have had diversity training in the past from other sources that did not achieve the awareness intended, but your training hit the mark. You successfully captured the attention of personnel by demonstrating that diversity is an important part of communication and team function that extends far beyond issues relating to sex, religion and race. Your training approach provided information and knowledge without creating defensiveness or guilt, yet it definitely left each individual with an awareness of the need to understand others with whom they are communicating, and the impact if they do not.”

John Montenero, former Fire Chief, City of Monterey, California

“NCBI work is making a profound difference in the urban life experience of the 90’s in Chicago. The model takes people who are focused on turf issues and leads them towards a common goal.”

Clarence Wood, Chair, The City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations

“NCBI is the most powerful tool for effectively removing the barriers to diversity in the workplace. The mission of government is to address the needs of the people and we cannot go forward as a nation until we learn to recognize and fully utilize the talent, creativity, and beauty of all of our people. NCBI is the best way that this government agency has found to deal positively with diversity issues.”

Rosemary Alexander, Executive Director of Jobnet, Massachusetts Division of Employment and Training

“The National Coalition Building Institute is the first and only organization that has developed a systematic process for training ethnic leaders in the art of coalition building and conflict resolution. Their prejudice reduction program on college campuses is the best in the country.”

Irving Levine, former Director of National Affairs, American Jewish Committee

“The weekend run by NCBI was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Until I’d heard the stories from the other kids, I thought I was the only one discriminated against. I learned other kids hurt just like I do. I was amazed how we all got along.”

Sothea Chiemruom, 11th Grader, Brighton High School, Brighton, Massachusetts