Organizational Affiliate Profiles

Onondaga County Government

Reaching Government and the Community

For many years, the Onondaga County Government in Syracuse, New York, USA, has been a successful Organizational Affiliate of NCBI. The Affiliate team provides training to the 4,000 employees of Onondaga County, and, within the County, to employees of the City of Syracuse as well. Members of the public and business community are also welcome at Affiliate programs, which take place bi-monthly. Training covers leadership development, prejudice reduction, and communication skills for all levels of the workforce.

All departments of County and City Government can participate in NCBI training. These include Social Services, Human Rights, Police, Fire, Corrections, District Attorney, Probation, Sheriffs, and Health. The breadth of representation provides a rich and diverse experience for all participants.

Meeting Government Needs

The Affiliate has taken extra steps to be as effective as possible. It has customized its offerings to meet the needs of County and City Government. By combining the most appropriate and useful elements of NCBI methodology and workshop design, the Affiliate has created special programs entitled “Building Effective Relations in a Diverse Community” and “Interpersonal Skills for Tense Times.” In addition to ongoing programs, the Affiliate also offers diversity assessments for County and City departments and to local businesses by request.

(More information on customizing NCBI workshops to meet specific client needs can be found at Programs, Law Enforcement and Public Service, and Government.)

The Affiliate has found that preparation and training helps build an organizational culture characterized by less tolerance for abusive language and behavior and a reduction in incidents requiring grievance and discipline. A happier and safer workplace means less time lost.

In 2002, the Affiliate was awarded the Multicultural Diversity Award, presented by the National Association of Counties, for the “Building Effective Relations in a Diverse Community” workshops and “outstanding efforts toward promoting multicultural awareness.”

Building Affiliate Capabilities

The Affiliate provides ongoing training for its team members, including practice leading NCBI workshop models, updating team knowledge of NCBI methodology and workshop design skills, and individual leadership coaching and support. This effort leaves the team well-prepared to tackle the opportunities and challenges of a Government workforce, especially the need to constructively interrupt oppressive remarks and behaviors. The Affiliate is currently assisting several community members to set up an NCBI city chapter, a non-governmental resource team offering NCBI programs and services in the surrounding area.