NCBI has provided workshops and trainings to a wide variety of organizations, from local non-profits to multinational corporations. Many have institutionalized the benefits of NCBI methodology and programs by creating an in-house team of NCBI-trained employee leaders, an Organizational Affiliate.

The start-up of an Organizational Affiliate is similar to that of a City Chapter or Campus Affiliate, and, like those resource teams, Organizational Affiliates receive ongoing support and coaching from experienced NCBI staff members.

Through years of experience, NCBI has adapted many of its workshops and trainings to better serve specific workplace groups. Among them are corporations, government, law enforcement and protective services, and college and university campuses. More information can be found in Customized Programs.

Organizational Affiliates have often reported impressive results. Examples are

  1. an improvement in productivity and the bottom line,
  2. a more inclusive organizational culture, and
  3. a more timely response to conflict and other workplace challenges.

A specific NCBI Organizational Affiliate, the selection changing from time to time, is described in Organizational Affiliate Profiles.