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NCBI Law Enforcement Program

NCBI has just completed a year-long (2015-2016) project funded by BCJI and the DOJ to enhance police interactions with the community in a neighborhood of Philadelphia Pennsylvania called Mantua. Fabien Brooks, the Co-director of NCBI’s Law Enforcement program and former Chief of Police writes about the project in the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Blog.

Leadership for Diversity Institute

August 2-5, 2017

Hunt Valley Inn, MD

Led by Cherie Brown and Joyce Shabazz


School Board Members Participate in an NCBI Training Program Presented by Students

Chatham, New York, USA

Students ranging from 6th grade to seniors in high school led Chatham County Board members and about 40 community members and parents in a program of activities and exercises meant to build trust and understanding among diverse constituencies.  The program offered participants from all backgrounds a chance to share things about themselves in a safe environment and helped them discover new things about each other.  Students and parents offered positive feedback about the program.

The students attended an NCBI Train the Trainer workshop in October of 2008 and are using what they have learned in the classroom with other students to create a more caring school environment.

Read the full article here Students teach adults about prejudice at Chatham meeting


NCBI Program Attributed to Lower Incidence of Violence in U.S. High School

Missoula, Montana, USA

After unprecedented levels of violence at Missoula, Montana’s Big Sky High School during the 2006-2007 school year, NCBI was brought in to launch a violence prevention program that reached the entire freshman class. A cohort of about a dozen students and staff trained as NCBI facilitators worked side by side with community trainers to lead full-day workshops for students, most of which happened off campus. The trainings were a huge success. Nearly 100% of students reported that the skills they learned would help them to build a safer school.

Faculty member, Jay Bostrom reports that the total state-reported number of incidences of violence had gone from 27 two years ago to 47 last year. Says Bostrom, “This year (since the comprehensive implementation of NCBI) that number shrank by an astonishing 68% to 15 total incidences of violence. While we are not solely attributing the drastic decrease of violence to NCBI, one cannot help but be encouraged. Especially when considering the logic of NCBI’swork and studies that show prevention to be a much more effective approach to dealing with violence than trying to police it.”

Freshman at Big Sky High SChool in Missoula, MT participate in NCBI\'s Violence Prevention Workshop.

Students at Big Sky High School participate in NCBI’s Violence Prevention Workshop.


NCBI on Interfaith Voices - NPR Radio

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

NCBI conducted an Interfaith Prejudice Reduction Workshop at George Mason University that was aired on Interfaith Voices, a public radio program whose purpose is to promote interfaith understanding through dialogue. To listen to the workshop led by NCBI Executive Director Cherie Brown and Dr. Renay Scales, visit