NCBI: Working Against Stereotypes

By Athena Muhammad, Originally published in The Nest, the Albany High School Online Newspaper

NCBI club is a club that promotes diversity and continues the fight against stereotypes and discrimination. NCBI stands for the National Coalition Building Institute and is located in many schools across the country. The club in Albany High was started by Mrs. Harrell and later was helped by Mrs. Maribel Morton, an intern to the school psychologist, and Mariah Fountain, an intern specializing in social work at SUNY.

The NCBI club participates in events like the upcoming Stand Against Racism day in April and conducts other projects around school. Recently, the students asked people around school what they thought a good friend was. The club put their findings on display on one of the several billboards around school with quotes from various students.

Currently the members have the option of undergoing the program “Train the Trainer”, where the kids have the opportunity to learn more about the NCBI club, its goals, and to understand what really makes up who a person is. The students themselves are very considerate of others because they know what it feels like to be discriminated against and have their own personal reasons as to why they joined the club. Whether it was a recommendation from a teacher like Eboo Kone, who found the club interesting, or a personal experience like Devon Murphy, who said she joined to, “Make a difference ending bullying ad discrimination.”

A big part of NCBI club at Albany High School is to help people understand and confront stereotypes. To combat the stereotype epidemic, the members of NCBI, are conducting an experiment by recording their voices and having people guess what type of person they are by the way they speak. Using this method they hope to prove people wrong in saying you can tell what a person is like just by the way they speak. Continuing the fight against discrimination, the NCBI club meets every Thursday after school.