Higher Education

Since 1984, NCBI has conducted diversity workshops on hundreds of college and university campuses. These introductory programs have proven effective and, in many cases, led to the establishment of Campus Affiliates. Currently, NCBI has active Affiliates at scores of colleges and universities, mostly in the U.S.

NCBI’s success on college and university campuses is no coincidence. After a rigorous, independent evaluation of dozens of college diversity programs, the U.S. Department of Education recognized NCBI’s campus work as a “promising practice,” a designation of excellence given to only a handful of programs in the United States.

The presence of an Affiliate represents a campus commitment to use NCBI programs as a pro-active response to discrimination, controversy, and intergroup conflict. An NCBI Campus Affiliate is made up of students, faculty, and staff from various disciplines and trained by NCBI to become a powerful resource for diversity leadership on campus.

The NCBI-trained Affiliate offers year-around leadership workshops that create a more inclusive campus environment. The team can also intervene when tough conflicts arise, either between campus groups or between the campus and the surrounding community.

An annual conference brings campus leaders together to bring new information, new strategies, and sources of inspiration to NCBI work on college and university campuses.


The NCBI program has proven to be a powerful force on our campus. We have received countless testimonials regarding how NCBI training has broadened the lenses of workshop participants and provided them with valuable tools to challenge the oppression they encounter. As a teacher, administrator and leader I have high regard for what NCBI can do to transform campuses and communities.

Larry D. Roper, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Oregon State University