Diversity and inclusion have become an important factor in corporate life. The business case for diversity includes developing a broad-based talent pool, understanding and relating to customers and suppliers in the global marketplace, and increasing workplace productivity. For these reasons and more, diversity has become an integral part of long-term planning and strategy.

NCBI programs for the workplace are as follows:

Welcoming Diversity for Corporations

The Welcoming Diversity for Corporations Workshop empowers individuals at all levels of the organization to take leadership in building a workplace environment that is welcoming and inclusive for everyone. Objectives for the session include:

  • Begin to create an environment of open and honest communication.
  • Experience a framework for teambuilding and strengthening relationships.
  • Notice similarities, embrace differences and celebrate both in the workplace.
  • Clarify why a diversity initiative is crucial to the success of the organization.
  • Recognize the misinformation that we all have learned about people who are different from us.
  • Understand the impact of internalized oppression on individuals, performance, and the work environment.
  • Gain skills to effectively interrupt inappropriate language and behavior in a way that keeps communication open and positive and provides a win-win for the people involved.

Segments of this workshop can be delivered as small but impactful program elements in larger meetings and conferences.

Organizational Effectiveness

Employees are not just another resource, but a vital and vibrant component of organizational success. NCBI programs seek to teach, promote, and institutionalize practices which improve the lives and jobs of employees while also enhancing organizational outcomes.

  • Diversity and Customer Service - A one-day course providing participants with an understanding of diversity issues and the direct impact of these issues on the consumer / service provider relationship.
  • Leading Effective Meetings - A one-day program providing meeting dynamics and techniques that focus on both the well-being of attendees and their productivity.
  • Organizational Consulting - A one-day workshop that introduces a problem-solving methodology which enables participants to tap into their own best thinking and creativity and that of their group as well.
  • Effective Communication - A one-day workshop that helps participants understand how perceptions influences communication, teaches active listening, and suggests alternate communication styles.

NCBI methodology and workshop design capabilities can easily be applied to other dimensions of organizational effectiveness.


The corporate environment is occasionally influenced by unsettling events - reorganizations, buyouts, layoffs or forced retirements, lawsuits, accidents and death, product liabilities, and so on. The healing nature of NCBI methodology and programs can help participants move from reactive to proactive, from victim to resourceful, creative, and productive employee.