NCBI International LGBTQ Constituency

Contact:  Steven Jarose

E-Mail: (office) (home)


Whether we identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) or use other terminology along this ever-changing dynamic, these are challenging times for us as well as times of great promise and hope.

Our Caucus goals include:

  • We take leadership by challenging prevailing stereotypes of gender identity and expression.
  • We become empowered as we heal from the scars of homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia and the internalized oppression that we too often take out on one another.
  • We secure allies by being knowledgeable, visible and by proudly welcoming  those who stand in unity with us.

We build connection within the broad spectrum and rich diversity of age, ethnicity, ability, language, class, sex, education and occupation that reflect who we are.  We build closeness and connection with our straight-identified friends and colleagues in just the same way.

We promote issues that are important to us as a constituency and which fortify NCBI’s commitment to “All for one: One for All” throughout the global community. We bring about such transformation in a spirit of joy and enthusiasm that draws others to us.