Constituency & Caucus Programs

Institutional change goes well when inclusion and unity among diverse groups are present. The strength of constituency caucusing offers the opportunity to build toward these goals.

Constituency caucuses are groups of common identity and background and, in NCBI, include Black African Heritage, Latino, Asian, Jewish, LGBT, Women, and Men. They are also sometimes referred to as affinity or identity groups.

In the search for inclusion and unity among diverse groups, the need to reclaim group pride is essential. This is not the chauvinism of “my group is better than your group.” Rather, it focuses on the richness of wisdom, traditions, and heritage.

Out of this focus on group pride, many favorable outcomes could be expected:

  • Leadership in organizations and communities is empowered.
  • Authentic relationships between groups emerge.
  • Commitment to the creation and sustainability of coalitions is renewed.
  • Leadership and management become less isolated.
  • A marked positive change in climate and cooperation among diverse groups is felt.
  • Staff members benefit from an increased visibility and mutual respect in their day-to-day interactions.
  • A wholesome, secure environment enriches whole organizations and communities.