Campus Affiliate Profiles

History of NCBI Carolina Diversity Training Coalition

The seeds for the NCBI Carolina Diversity Training Coalition were planted when three Student Affairs staff members at Clemson University participated in an NCBI 5-Day Leadership Training Institute in the fall of 1998. The three returned to Clemson University and applied for (and received) a University grant to fund a 3-Day Train-The-Trainer in the fall of 1999. This core group formed the NCBI Clemson Team, the first NCBI Affiliate in the state of South Carolina. There was also a person at nearby Furman University who was NCBI-trained and this person served as a member-at-large for the Clemson Affiliate until team at Furman University was established.

The Clemson Affiliate formed a partnership with several area schools and applied for an Alliance 2020 Grant to fund another 3-Day Train-the-Trainer in the fall of 2000. The purpose of this training was to assist these area schools in establishing their own NCBI affiliates. The additional schools were: Furman University, Tri-County Technical College, Anderson College, and SC State University (an HBCU). Approximately 45 people attended this Coalition-building Train-the-Trainer.

Tia Doxey, Director of NCBI North Carolina Central University campus chapter; Idella Glenn, Director of NCBI Furman University campus chapter; and Robert Dungey, NCBI Campus Program Associate Director

Since this initial training, the Coalition has sponsored nine additional train-the-trainers to grow the teams and allow other colleges and universities to bring NCBI to their campuses. SC State University hosted a Train-the-Trainer in the summer of 2001. Furman University hosted a Train-the-Trainer in the fall of 2002, 2003 and 2007. Piedmont Technical College hosted the fall 2004 and fall 2005 trainings, while North Carolina State University hosted the fall 2006 and 2008 trainings. Greenville Technical College hosted the January 2010 training. Because of these trainings (as well as others in nearby Georgia), several other schools were introduced to NCBI. These schools include: Piedmont Technical College, USC - Aiken, USC - Upstate, College of Charleston, Presbyterian College, Aiken Technical College, Claflin University (HBCU), Denmark Technical College, Midlands Technical College, Winthrop University, Elon College, North Carolina State University and North Carolina Central University.

The Carolina Coalition now consists of eight schools which have established NCBI Affiliates on their campuses: Clemson University, Furman University, North Carolina State University, North Carolina Central University, Piedmont Technical College, Aiken Technical College, Medical University of South Carolina, and Greenville Technical College. The plan is to build the Coalition throughout North and South Carolina, both on the various college campuses as well as in the community.

From its inception until 2008, the Coalition was co-led by the Affiliate Directors from Clemson University (Altheia Richardson) and Furman University (Idella Glenn). They were often called upon serve as consultants for the other campus leaders in matters concerning their Teams and to assist some of the other institutions in the Coalition in conducting initial workshops on their campuses.

In 2008, the Coalition transitioned to a steering committee leadership structure which includes the following positions: Coalition Director, Associate Coalition Director, Technical/Community College Representative, North Carolina Representative, South Carolina Representative and Secretary. Descriptions attached. The primary purpose of the new leadership structure is to prepare more campus affiliate directors to transition smoothly into Coalition leadership. Idella Glenn (Furman) serves as the Coalition Director and Tia Doxey (NCCU) serves as the Associate Coalition Director.

NCBI team from Clemson University

With strong support from Robert Dungey from the National organization, the Carolina NCBI Diversity Training Coalition continues to grow and thrive. Idella Glenn now serves on the national leadership Team for NCBI Campus programs, which provides advice to Cherie Brown, the founder of NCBI.

The Carolina NCBI Diversity Training Coalition meets three times per year. The meeting location is rotated from institution to institution. Most coalition members are within two hours of the meetings.

The host institution communicates with the Coalition representatives prior to each Coalition meeting to obtain attendance figures and to give directions. They also provide the packets for the Coalition meeting, which includes an agenda, nametag, and sometimes information about their respective institution. The host institution also provides snacks and lunch.

The Coalition Meetings usually take place from 10am to 2pm. This includes time for lunch, which is usually some type of boxed lunch which allows the meeting to continue while participants are eating.

The meetings provide an opportunity for members to get to know each other on a more personal basis. The goal is to insure that no campus is operating in isolation. The time is used to share what is going well on the respective campuses as well as any challenges. As challenges are discussed, participants also provide suggestions for overcoming the challenges. At the end of each Coalition Meeting, “Next Steps” for the Coalition are discussed. This allows an opportunity to brainstorm together about future projects and trainings.