In 1998, the U.S. President’s Commission on Race recognized NCBI’s work as a “best practice” in dealing with race issues.

“The unsung heroes of America’s long march to racial reconciliation have always been ordinary citizens working together to make a difference. The program described here are the latest offspring of their legacy. We have much to learn from them. They offer us tangible proof that our vision of one indivisible Nation can indeed be realized. They show us that when people of goodwill join hearts and hands, we can free ourselves from the destructive grip of prejudice and discrimination. they illuminate new pathways of hope as we dedicate ourselves to building One America in the 21st century.”

Bill Clinton, U.S. President

Each year since 1997, NCBI Leicester, England has won British Diversity Awards for its work with communities in building community cohesion and for its work with schools and colleges in Leicester, running Friends Against Bullying (FAB) teams. In October 2004 NCBI Leicester was awarded the Silver Standard Award for Diversity in Education.

NCBI has receeived numerous other awards in recognition of its excellent diversity training programs. NCBI won the Nelson Mandela Award for outstanding international work on fighting racism. The United States Department of Education cited NCBI’s work on college campuses as a national “best practice”, awarding it the rating of “excellent” in regard to educational significance, quality, usefulness, and replicability. Citing the success of NCBI training programs at its offices in Wilmington, Delaware, DuPont designated NCBI’s work as a “Corporate Best Practice.”