About NCBI

“The National Coalition Building Institute is an international, non-profit, leadership training organization based in Washington, DC, USA. Since 1984, NCBI has worked to eliminate racism and all other forms of prejudice and discrimination throughout the world.”

NCBI takes a proactive approach that begins with one or more people from a variety of organizational or community settings, including schools, colleges and universities, corporations, foundations, correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, government offices, and labor unions.

These individuals are taught effective leadership skills in the areas of prejudice reduction, violence prevention, conflict resolution, and coalition building. NCBI programs enable leaders to take principled and courageous stands, enter the heat of emotionally-charged conflict to build bridges, and act as stalwart allies for all groups.

When a handful of like-minded leaders from an organization or community has been trained, a local NCBI resource team is formed. These teams offer prevention-oriented strategies and programs to deal with discrimination and other inter-group tensions. They are also available to intervene when specific inter-group conflicts arise.

Over the past 33 years, NCBI has developed an international network of resource teams that has grown in influence and reach. NCBI currently is represented by over 100 teams in cities, on campuses, and in organizations.


“I will say that the leadership training is a transformative experience. I learned so much about myself, and I learned practical skills that I could apply in my personal and professional life. Cherie Brown and her colleagues take a team approach; there were several trainers who helped out in various ways throughout the training. Each trainer had several years of experience, and were absolutely excellent as facilitators. They also modeled the behaviors they wanted us to adapt-by the way they set up the room, to making sure everyone was treated equally, to making sure the support staff was recognized and appreciated. Their modeling of behavior really makes them stand apart-I think it results in stronger programming that is relevant in today’s society in a variety of settings. Reviews from our participants were more positive than they’d ever been.”  Melissa Hopkins, Toyota TogetherGreen - National Audubon Society


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